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When you leave the office at Friday, do you look forward to Monday morning? No? Then maybe you are not at the right spot, not doing what you actually came here for. 

What is your calling? What is your inner voice telling you for years that you don't want to hear because it would mean, leaving your comfort zone? 

You know that you are meant for more. Make the step today and discover what it really is that you are made for and meant for. 

Let's have a (free!) call about it and we will figure out how you can follow your dreams and be even more successful than today!

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My Mission

“When I noticed - on myself and later on my clients - which unexpected energy is set free, if you are really yourself, are fully committed on what you do, because it is just an expression of who you are, it was totally clear to me, in which terms I want to support people most:To experience a not known joy of life, excitement, power and connection, just by being in your element, following your purpose, your personal task of your life, fulfilling it with meaning.I like to say "I'm not working anymore" and continue answering the asking faces with "I just AM. And hence EFFECT". I want to enable people to take this beautiful and all changing perspecitve, too. It does not only change your business behaviour and successs. It also affects private life, relationships of all kind, your whole being. Give it a try!”

— Manuel Shipwood

Manuel Shipwood