Why finding your purpose is so important

Maybe you have a job that is “OK” or that “pays the bills”. And that’s totally fine for a while. But I strongly believe that finding your purpose in life is tremendously important. I also think that we all have that inner urging and yearning to know our mission. And it doesn’t matter what philosophical or religious view you have. It also doesn’t matter whether you thin that your purpose is god-given or given at all from anything outside of you or given to you by yourself, by taking the responsibility of giving your life the greatest possible meaning. 
I personally think it’s natural law that in every life form, including humans, there is the force of life developing itself. Life, energy, flowing, through us, creating us, manifesting itself. Our mind and ego sometimes interferes that natural flow of life energy and  keeps us from being what we really are. It judges and tells us what to do and what not. 
Thankfully we got a reminder every now and then. Sometimes it’s an article like this. Sometimes it’s your feelings, your stomach on Monday mornings or the burn-out last year. And then there is that nagging question, that tries to connect you again with the source or your true self: “Am I really doing the most meaningful thing with my precious life-energy and time?”
We might name it our “calling”, we want (or don’t want) to listen to and follow.

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Here are 5 more reasons why it is important to find your purpose: 


1) Not being in the right spot makes you and others miserable

Be honest. You saw them around at work. People who are always miserable, always frowning, gossiping and talking badly about others to distract themselves from their own issues, complaining over everybody and everything, especially about their job. 
You know the #TGIF-shouters (Thank God It’s Friday), the “Only 142 days until vacation”-countdown-timer-screensaver-people, the cynics, the haters,… And maybe you recognized yourself in some of these descriptions. 
Deep inside yourself you just KNOW when you aren’t in the right spot, yet. And usually people project their frustration onto others, sometimes without noticing consciously. 
When you found your purpose, and that’s way more than just “doing what you love” as you will see later, you feel fulfilled, joyful and grateful for being able to express your precious gift of being you. You will radiate that joy and beauty and spread it in your surroundings. 

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2) You are of greater service for your community

Finding your purpose means applying your natural talents, your learned skills,  and your interest and the synergetic effect of their combination to the change you want to see in the world. 
It means that you bring to the table what you are made for. 
Is it a good idea to force a creative piano artist to craft a table or chair? Probably not. Is it a good idea to sit down a totally unmusical carpenter in front of a piano to play for hundreds of people? Probably neither. 
When joining any kind of team, group or community you are usually asked “What can you contribute?” in some way or another. 
How do you answer that question for yourself, when it comes to you, joining the community of humanity every day by being a part of it? 
How do you contribute to the well being of your community? 
What value do you create? Is that the best you can do? 
Do you love to do it? 
Is there anything else you would prefer to do? Why? 
How can you be the best version of yourself when it comes to being of service for others?

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3) It’s your purpose

That's right. It’s your purpose to find your purpose. Understanding the principle of being of greatest possible service for others, creating value and progress and growth, you already see that finding your purpose seems to be an extremely meaningful endeavour. 
However, I’d make one step further and say that finding your purpose is also your purpose as a human being. Now this gets a bit more complex and philosophical now, but I’ll keep it short. As explained in the introduction, it’s usually our mind or ego that interferes with our natural development and the application of our natural talents. 
Hence our inner purpose is being present, in the here and now, letting go of our ego and a dysfunctional mind, moving towards just being ourselves. Just being. Experiencing pure beingness so to say. “Achieving” that state, our “outer purpose” can follow just by unfolding itself naturally. You will see how magically things come together as soon as you let go, being present and conscious.  
We developed a logical mind and created great things with it and still use it in a magnificent way when it’s time to do so. However, when it comes to hearing your calling, it is necessary that you become still, quiet, sensory, and FEEL where you are drawn to. You need some time of no-mind. And it’s your inner purpose to develop that higher consciousness.

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4) You are more fulfilled

When you found your purpose you will experience that deep feeling of being fulfilled, full, true, authentic, just right. 
A feeling that can hardly be described in an article like this, or not at all. But I know that talking about it here, some part in you already understands and empathically assumes the emotions which occur when awakening to your true purpose in life. 
It’s a deep knowing of truly being where you are meant to be and doing what you are truly made for. 
It’s scientifically proven, that humans need that puzzle piece of following their true purpose, sometimes described as or in combination with “self-actualization”, in order to experience pure fulfillment.  

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5) Your family life will improve

Believe it or not: Your whole life will change. Finding your purpose is not just getting another perspective or a simple career change. 
Answering your inner calling means to be the person that you really are. It means BEING YOU - in the most authentic purest way. 
This inevitably leads to feeling in tune with your natural flow, your life energy, thus you will treat yourself differently and obviously you will treat others differently. You will be more relaxed, in peace, centered, your self-confidence will increase because your self-consciousness increased. Logically you will be what some may call a “better person” – especially meaning treating those loved ones around your more fairly and in a more compassionate manner.  This improves relationships of all kind, including to your spouse, children, family, friends. 

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6) You will handle setbacks and conflicts better

When following your purpose, you know WHY you are doing what you are doing. And it’s not because someone told you why. It’s because it is YOUR intrinsic motivation, your natural inner force that drives you to do what you are meant for. This also means that when you stumble or fall, it’s easier to get up again. And when you are facing challenges, blocks, people leaving you who were supposed to support you, and much more, .. you will know why it’s worth it to carry on an pursue your dream and mission in life.  

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7) You feel more joy

Living a purposeful life means pure joy. And I don’t talk about happiness here. Happiness is either a temporary excitement effect upon an impulse or a chosen attitude to approach everything with happiness. However, joy is defined by being a rather sustainable, deeper, maybe even spiritual experience of fulfillment and gratitude. 
As explained above there are several reasons why you will experience that deeper level of joy, connectedness with your true source of life energy. 

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picture: Brooke Cagle