The Conscious Entrepreneur – Is that possible? It’s important!

'Entrepreneur' sounds like one of these coders who published some fancy app for my smartphone or those wanna-be kids posing on instagram with rented cars and fake watches. I don’t want to be like that. I just want to help people. I want to create a true value for others. I want to change things or at least be part of the change. Making a difference. Making this world world a better place.. in some way. But when I hear 'Entrepreneur' it sounds like that overhyped start-up scene. I’m not sure if I want to be part of it and most of the literature, tutorials and coaching programs does not really meet my values or my way of thinking and interacting with people consciously. …”

Does that sound familiar in any way? Resonates somehow? Rings any bells? 
This could have been me not too long ago. And it definitely is a generalized quote of many of the people I work with or talk to nowadays. 
If you really want to make a change or create sustainable value for people, maybe are more the spiritual type or dare to look beyond the surface, eager to broaden your horizon and develop yourself and others, the cool and fancy start-up scene sometimes irritates more than it helps. On the other hand, among your friends who share more of your values, living a rather conscious and compassionate life you can’t find that many successful, committed, reliable, wealthy people. And hence nobody who could tell you how to bring your new idea – maybe a new invention, some healthy peace food, green energy, sustainable clothing, a new way of teaching yoga, you name it.. – to the people and generating a natural, nourishing back flow of energy in form of money, which could support you in doing even more of what you love and is needed in this world.

So question arises, whether there is something like a ‘Conscious Entrepreneur’ and if so, what are the true challenges to overcome and how to make optimal use of the inherent chances of that unique encounter. 
This question stuck with me so prominently and seemed so tremendously important nowadays that I decided to focus the ‘businessy’ part of my work on  ‘Conscious Entrepreneurs’. I set it into quotation marks because this is what we – we as conscious entrepreneurs, because obviously I’m one of them – usually struggle with. The unnecessary, and in my opinion counter productive and disturbing distinction between “business” on the one side and life, love, spirituality, conscious living, etc. on the other side. As soon as we deny our spirituality our conscious perspective, we deny ourselves, we deny our life energy. And hence our work becomes lifeless. An empty sleeve. And we start wondering why things don’t work out. – Because we are not ALL IN. We don’t surrender and jump into it, giving all of our heart 100%.

Dare to be who you are. Your unique being is needed in this world. There’s a reason why you see things differently. And it’s important that you get your message out there. Be it with a product, a service or the message itself. 
Dare to be The Conscious Entrepreneur!

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