Why I love coaching people


This week a friend and colleague of mine asked me why I love what I do, why I love to coach people. 
The question is as simple as it is challenging. 
When coaching people on finding their purpose and then being successful with it in life, most of them by becoming conscious entrepreneurs, I also coach them on finding their true reason, WHY they want to do something and of course I also coach them on how to follow their bliss, “doing what they love” (although there’s much more to finding your purpose than just doing what you love – ask me if that surprises you!). So, hence I know WHY I myself am doing what I’m doing in the sense of which value I create. That is supporting people to get out of their hated rat-race job and uncovering what they are truly meant for, and then even encouraging, enabling, supporting them to start their own business with it. And I also am aware enough to experience the joy in having found my own purpose and being a “conscious entrepreneur” myself. 

But when not only looking into WHY I do what I do, but also understanding my friend’s question in terms of what specifically do I LOVE in doing it, it took a while to reflect on it.
I’m always grateful for the progress my clients make and I regularly see the beauty in it. But taking consciously time to reflect on it now, I was amazed how blessed I am, to be able to accompany these wonderful people on those important journeys.

Not only because I think that it will change our whole world in a tremendous way, when everybody is doing what he actually was made for, being fully in his element, being at the right place, doing the right thing, living their purpose. That’s the big picture, but there lies another beauty in working with an individual:


I experienced, witnessing someone’s journey towards his true purpose, witnessing that moment someone hears his calling for the first time, that moment when someone dares to acknowledge it and to answer it for the very first time, accepting, seeing who he really is, as one of the most beautiful moments in my life. It is like someone being born again. These shining eyes of someone seeing the world differently in a split second, like a baby seeing the world for the first time. That deep breath, like breathing air for the first time in life. That courage, arising seemingly out of nothing, naturally. Eyes filled with perspective and trust. For a new life.

Another reason is the effect, that sometimes cannot be seen in the coaching session immediately. And the longer it takes until I hear from someone’s experiences after working with them, the bigger seems the effect it had. Reading feedback mails, with headlines like “I never could have done that without you” or lines like “All that I learned in our sessions helps me here so much now!”. Or someone telling me in a conversation “..you know, back then someone - actually.. you - told me that I might want to try XYZ … that eventually changed my life totally.. I never did ABC again since then  - it was so liberating… I’m a free person now…“

These feedbacks most times end with two beautiful words… “Thank you!”
But actually these words don’t really matter to me that much. It’s the honest feeling and emotion in the one who speaks these words, the reason why these words find their way: The change that was allowed to happen, the challenge that was accepted, the fear that was faced, the pain that was embraced, the development that was unfolded, the transformation that was lived, the higher self, uncovered. 

That’s why I love what I do.

This is to the wonderful people I work with: Thank YOU for allowing me to do this work! 

Be love. 
Be the change!
- Manuel Shipwood

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