#TGIF! - Really?

Who hasn't seen the #TGIF hashtag or heard their colleagues yelling "Thank God it's Friday!" lately?

I never really understood why people do that...

One reason for that might be that I work on Saturdays, too.

Another reason might be that... I don't care.

I don't care whether it's Friday, Wednesday, Sunday or - yes, even Monday.

Because every morning when I'm waking up and I'm lying in a real bed, able to to stand up, using two arms and two legs,.. I don't care which day it is, I'm grateful for every weekday.

But OK, OK, I get it. Everybody is looking forward to the weekend. And maybe it's just because you are having more time for your family and you are using that time wisely for being present with them, enjoying true quality time together. You do, right? You're not wasting it in front of the TV. Thought so. And maybe it's because you are meeting friends that weekend or do more sports or take a trip to the country side. Great!

But probably most of the people use the expression, because they are glad that the work week comes to an end. Probably it's because Mondays to Fridays you aren't working in your dream job. Probably you aren't feeling fulfilled. Probably you aren't developing your true potential. Probably until Friday night you get reminded every hour that you are not using the air you breath in the most meaningful way.

Probably,.. you haven't found your purpose, yet.

If you had found your purpose and bring everything that you truly are into the world, expressing your talents, skills, and true potential by creating the most value for others, you wouldn't care if it's Monday or Friday. You would stand up every morning, knowing WHY it's a blessing getting up. For you AND for the people around you. Your clients, customers, colleagues, friends, family.

And you would feel fulfillment on each and every week day.

You would know WHY you are here. You would understand what's the gift that you are meant to bring to the world.

Enjoy this feeling of fulfillment on every weekday by finding your purpose today:


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Why finding your purpose is so important

Why finding your purpose is so important

Maybe you have a job that is “OK” or that “pays the bills”. And that’s totally fine for a while. But I strongly believe that finding your purpose in life is tremendously important. I also think that we all have that inner urging and yearning to know our mission. Here are 7 reasons why it is important to find your purpose: …

One of the most important decisions in my life...

One of my most important decisions in life was, to pay attention to my environment, the people I surround myself with. Many times this important topic leads to misunderstandings but I cannot emphasize its importance often enough. 
Choose your #tribe: people who understand your journey, looking in the right direction. Understanding your needs, brave enough to see your pain, open hearted to share your joy. 

Choose to #grow: Surround yourself with doers, with people wiser than you, with people of knowledge and experience, with people more conscious than you. 

Choose to #help: Surround yourself with those, open hearted, open-minded, ready to grow, ready to learn, seekers, awakening. 

Choose self-#respect: Let go of those not nourishing you and not ready to learn and grow themselves. Respect your own boundaries and communicate them. Create a circle of love and respect around you, letting go of those not ready to release their pain, no matter how you are related in societal patterns. 

#Love yourself. Grow. Help. Awaken. 
Choose your people accordingly.

The Conscious Entrepreneur – Is that possible? It’s important!

The Conscious Entrepreneur – Is that possible? It’s important!

'Entrepreneur' sounds like one of these coders who published some fancy app for my smartphone or those wanna-be kids posing on instagram with rented cars and fake watches. I don’t want to be like that. I just want to help people. I want to create a true value for others. I want to change things or at least be part of the change. Making a difference. Making this world world a better place..