One of the most important decisions in my life...

One of my most important decisions in life was, to pay attention to my environment, the people I surround myself with. Many times this important topic leads to misunderstandings but I cannot emphasize its importance often enough. 
Choose your #tribe: people who understand your journey, looking in the right direction. Understanding your needs, brave enough to see your pain, open hearted to share your joy. 

Choose to #grow: Surround yourself with doers, with people wiser than you, with people of knowledge and experience, with people more conscious than you. 

Choose to #help: Surround yourself with those, open hearted, open-minded, ready to grow, ready to learn, seekers, awakening. 

Choose self-#respect: Let go of those not nourishing you and not ready to learn and grow themselves. Respect your own boundaries and communicate them. Create a circle of love and respect around you, letting go of those not ready to release their pain, no matter how you are related in societal patterns. 

#Love yourself. Grow. Help. Awaken. 
Choose your people accordingly.

The Conscious Entrepreneur – Is that possible? It’s important!

The Conscious Entrepreneur – Is that possible? It’s important!

'Entrepreneur' sounds like one of these coders who published some fancy app for my smartphone or those wanna-be kids posing on instagram with rented cars and fake watches. I don’t want to be like that. I just want to help people. I want to create a true value for others. I want to change things or at least be part of the change. Making a difference. Making this world world a better place..