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Signature Talks

Conscious Business & inspiring Leadership

How to elevate
your company
for a changing world

During this inspiring and thought-provoking talk the audience will discover: 

  • how to create a concept of leadership
    by compassion, wisdom and support.

  • why to change from a resource perspective to a
    true connection with the human beings who are your company

  • how powerful and effective true collaboration can be

  • what it means to take responsibility and full ownership

  • why it is important to change from "winning" to "creating value"

  • how to check if creativity is still a core value in your company
    and why it is so important

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Find your PURPOSE!

How to develop your full potential by Being in your element, Doing what you lovE

During this energizing and encouraging interactive talk the audience will discover how to: 

  • rediscover their passion

  • embrace their natural talents

  • hear their callings

  • follow their purpose to lead a meaningful life

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Happiness is a Choice™

How to be more successful by Opting for happiness

During this inspiring and thought provoking, interactive talk the audience will discover: 

  • that happiness isn't the consequence of success

  • but success is the consequence of happiness

  • how to choose happiness as an attitude and lifestyle

  • the effects of leading a happy life by choice on

    • their business success

    • their colleagues and customers

    • their relationships

    • their friends & families

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The Heart 2 Heart Project™

Authenticity &
Emotional Freedom

During this heart-opening and transforming talk the audience will discover: 

  • how authentic relationships change your whole love & business life

  • what emotional freedom means and how it opens a life in peace

  • how authentic and heartfelt communication is the key to true peace and happiness

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