Emotional Freedom

Working with initiatives, causes, projects and non-profit organisations about the redesign or better revolutionising of our education system but also remembering my own time in school and universities I discovered one important thing: We are taught a lot. We are taught integral calculus, memorise all elements of the periodic table and the dates of the punic wars.

What we are NOT taught, however,  are things like social skills, all aspects of emotional intelligence, social intelligence, problem solving, organisation, self management, interpersonal relationships, how to focus on who we are, how to find our purpose, how to follow our heart, how to handle our emotions our communicate our needs. 

The consequences are seen in the world today. We find ourselves in a world of jealousy, competition and comparison, struggling to pay our rent or paying off our student loan or mortgage and struggling to handle the grief after being left by an ex-partner, staying in a job we don’t love, beating us up for that miserable life what we believe we have to live.. because that’s the way it goes, right? 

I think the most important part and first step away from that state towards a life of happiness, joy and success is being true to yourself and others. That includes your emotions. ALL of your emotions, also the uncomfortable ones. 

Being able to handle your emotions means taking responsibility for yourself and the life you live.

We all know today, that emotions i.e. in case of grief, sadness, anger, fear or any other stress can lead to serious diseases like a sore stomach, high blood pressure or even cancer, to name just a few. 

Additionally to these physical symptoms it leads to a life in anxiety and hesitation, keeping you away from your purpose or from achieving your goals, at least from leading a life in joy and happiness.

Emotions and feelings are neither good nor bad, nor right or wrong. They just are. They show us our needs, either fulfilled or not fulfilled. Understanding our feelings, trained to handle them, we can see them like a signal lighting up on our emotional dashboard, noticing them with a distance, not being overwhelmed by them but noticing them early upfront.

Emotional Freedom is one of the core principles I teach in all my coaching programs, courses and circles. 

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