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Dare to connect – How to meet authentically

When did you really meet someone last time? 
I don’t mean that your body and their body were in the same room.
I mean when did your soul really see another soul? 
We think we meet each other, when we say “hello” or a not really interested “How are you?”, which in most cases is just a phrase. Learned pleasantry. 
When we meet each other, in most cases it’s two masks that are meeting, two roles, two trys to meet the other person's or society's expectations. Assumed expectations that is, because we cannot really know. So we are usually swimming in a sea of uncertainties, assumptions and expectations without being really present with us or the other person. 


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Here are 4 simple steps to enhance the way you meet: 

Step 1: 

Dare to BE who you really are, how you really are.
So... who are you? And what’s your “genuine” behavior? 
What parts of you are unquestioned copies of others. Foreign beliefs, you made your own. Maybe without knowing consciously, like you pick up a slang or dialect automatically when you live at a specific area.
Which behaviour of yours is a consequence of rules, expectations, your own expectations, and your assumptions of other’s expectations. Do you do something to make other people proud, get attention, or even to receive public praise? Or do you do what you do, for it’s own purpose only? Do you give without expecting something back? Are you honest and integer because it’s just the way you are? 
Do you love yourself? Can you accept yourself exactly how you are? All the way? Including all the things you did, and all the things you said?

Step 2: 

Dare to be SEEN as you really are, for whom you really are. 
That includes all your mistakes you may think? Right, .. in a way. 
In fact it excludes many other things: It excludes your titles, position, roles, way of dressing, all your “stories” and ego-pushing activities, all the things you HAVE and all the things you DO, leaving only what you ARE. 
It i.e. excludes everything you did in the past or plan for the future. 
Then it’s really YOU who’s showing himself and dares to be seen, not your stories or the persona image you built up. 

Step 3: 

Dare to LET the other person BE as he/she really is.
That means, that you don’t put them into the box with all the other persons who look similar, dress similar, behave similar, have the same accent, decent, origin, way of living, height, colour, haircut, profession, etc. 
Can you allow the other person to be UNIQUE?
Can you allow the other person to be as she is?
Can you allow the other person to have all the problems, difficulties, stories she’s carrying around?

Can you allow the other person to fearfully hide behind her mask or fake personality and still be authentic and open-hearted yourself?

Can you allow the other person not to be as conscious about meeting authentically as you might be now?


Step 4: 

Dare to SEE the other person as he/she really is. 

Are you ready to see the unexpected? 

Are you ready to disappoint yourself because you didn’t manage to have no expectations? 

Are you ready to see the beauty in the other person? 

If you’d LOVE something in the other person, what would it be? 
(Yep, that works with someone you met 1 second ago. Most times even better than with friends and relatives, because when you ‘know’ the person already your mind takes over to summarize everything you ‘know’. If you don’t ‘know’ someone, your intuition has to jump in and you have to establish a real connection to someone, to let’s say “feel” who he or she is.)

Are you ready to tell the other person, what you love? 
Are you ready to be told what others love in you?


If you follow these 4 simple steps, I promise you, you’ll be a few steps closer to a true connection. A connection from soul to soul, instead of mask to mask.

There have been a lot of different translations of the greeting «Namasté». One of them can be
»My soul is greeting your soul« or
»My inner divine being is honouring your inner divine being«
Using this greeting is a daily chance to show others and yourself, respect for the perfect divine being we really are - unconditionally - independent of what we did or said in the past, of any so-called mistakes we made, outer appearance or fear-related behaviour we are showing, like envy, anger, aggression, defensive insulting etc. We then, just “see” or “feel” the other one’s perfect core that didn’t change before, during or after birth and has no given worth but it’s pure existance as a manifestation of life energy.

Dare to connect! 

If you want to learn more on how to have authentic relationships
and have real connections to real people,
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Emotional Freedom

Working with initiatives, causes, projects and non-profit organisations about the redesign or better revolutionising of our education system but also remembering my own time in school and universities I discovered one important thing: We are taught a lot. We are taught integral calculus, memorise all elements of the periodic table and the dates of the punic wars.

What we are NOT taught, however,  are things like social skills, all aspects of emotional intelligence, social intelligence, problem solving, organisation, self management, interpersonal relationships, how to focus on who we are, how to find our purpose, how to follow our heart, how to handle our emotions our communicate our needs. 

The consequences are seen in the world today. We find ourselves in a world of jealousy, competition and comparison, struggling to pay our rent or paying off our student loan or mortgage and struggling to handle the grief after being left by an ex-partner, staying in a job we don’t love, beating us up for that miserable life what we believe we have to live.. because that’s the way it goes, right? 

I think the most important part and first step away from that state towards a life of happiness, joy and success is being true to yourself and others. That includes your emotions. ALL of your emotions, also the uncomfortable ones. 

Being able to handle your emotions means taking responsibility for yourself and the life you live.

We all know today, that emotions i.e. in case of grief, sadness, anger, fear or any other stress can lead to serious diseases like a sore stomach, high blood pressure or even cancer, to name just a few. 

Additionally to these physical symptoms it leads to a life in anxiety and hesitation, keeping you away from your purpose or from achieving your goals, at least from leading a life in joy and happiness.

Emotions and feelings are neither good nor bad, nor right or wrong. They just are. They show us our needs, either fulfilled or not fulfilled. Understanding our feelings, trained to handle them, we can see them like a signal lighting up on our emotional dashboard, noticing them with a distance, not being overwhelmed by them but noticing them early upfront.

Emotional Freedom is one of the core principles I teach in all my coaching programs, courses and circles. 

If you are interested in the many ways how to achieve emotional freedom - contact me »