When you try to keep work out of life, then you are keeping life out of your work

After my own live show tonight, the “conscious moment”, a weekly Facebook live, similar to the circle of consciousness but just online and a bit shorter, I attended another live talk with two of my colleagues, I met in Los Angeles. 

One pointed out that “networking always happens! - not only on events, but also when waiting in line in the supermarket”. 
I was reminded about many of my clients (and myself long time ago), who are or were limiting themselves by the belief that “selling to friends & family is bad thing” or “business has to be kept out of private life”. 

There 3 reasons why this is a very unhealthy and dysfunctional way for everyone involved: 

1) WHAT do I provide? And why?

First of all, when you are selling stuff to people you wouldn’t sell to your family (and I mean family as the real term here, not necessarily those who you are biologically related to, but those are close with you, chosen by you), well then you might question what you were selling in the first place. 
So at first you ask yourself “WHAT do I provide?” What’s the benefit? What’s the value I am creating with it? When you realize that what you sell is crap: Jump to point 3)
Otherwise go on reading: 

2) Don't sell. Serve and accept the gratitude flowing back

When you realize that what you sell is great and of value: Why do you want to disclose it from those you love most? This doesn’t make sense!
OK, I get it - You want to give the value but you are afraid of taking money from your family and friends, right? 
Well, firstly you have to focus on the service you are giving, the value you are creating the help and support you are providing to those you love. 
Selling means just explaining the value you create so they can see their individual benefit in it. 
And then when you are CREATING VALUE - another VALUE flows back naturally, and this can be gratitude, it can be a recommendation, it can be respect and appreciation, and it CAN be money. It’s just energy flowing back to who sent it out in the first place. 
Dare to create something beautiful and share it with the people you love. And ACCEPT and RECEIVE the energy to flow back to you, nourishing you to enable you to create more of that precious valuable stuff!

3) When you try to keep work out of life, then you are keeping life out of your work

OK, when you are already boosted with energy to finally stop the disservice towards your family and friends and give them what they need: GREAT! Stop reading. Start telling the world what you do, why you do it and why they need it!

When you are still thinking that you have to keep out “what you do” or your “business” out of your “private life” then go on reading:

When you try to keep work out of life, then you are keeping life out of your work. 

And you may ask yourself why you are doing either one of these. 
Well it’s easy: Most times the reason is  ou don’t do “the right thing”. This can mean that you don’t do what you came into this world for, using your talents, skills, aptitudes. 
Or it can mean that you are acting against your instinct (which - you get it: is because you don’t do what you came for.. your purpose! And your gut feeling is telling you to question your current path) or your integrity and inner values (what you also wouldn’t do if you found your purpose and act accordingly)

If you want to learn how to sell without “selling”:  www.riseandshine.business

If you want to find your purpose in life and decide what to do you your precious time and energy: www.findyourpurpose.today

If you have general problems with integrity and you want to become a better person when treating others and yourself: call.shipwood.one