So this is it.. My 500 words challenge. Again. 
I already had a 1 week version of the 500 words challenge last year, so I’ll continue with the 31-day-challenge today. A few facts about these articles: They are written at once and they are not allowed to be edited afterwards. So it’s really a heart&brain-dump you read here. Including typos, weird grammar, bad english, missing words and no glitter. Knowing and having experienced that the naked truth (of my world) can be disturbing to some of you, I can just leave you with a heartfelt … “Good luck!” ;-)
I just read a slogan on the bottle of a algae-based drink, sold here in Germany, called “Helga”, which also is a typical german female firstname. Today, usually of women between 40-80. The drink is said to be extremely rich of the precious vitamine B12, due to be made of algae and including even chunks of it. It contains less sugar than lemonades but is also carbonated and after getting used to it after the first sip it’s extremely pleasant and refreshening.   

The slogan on the bottle says “Be part of the re-generation”

When reading that, it hit and shook me right away. - “Be part … of the RE-GENERATION”. 
And it wasn’t the not so ingenious pun, obviously. It made me think of the current state of consciousness and condition, humanity is in these days,.. months, years. 
We ARE the generation that is regenerating, recreating in a way. That firstly means that we still are coping with the effects of the extreme experiences our previous generations made, like 2 world wars, and many other wars, malnutrition and many traumata, never integrated, unhealthy diets, extreme religious suppression of free thinking, pollution, medical side effects with severe consequences, etc. 
At the same time secondly, re-generating and re-creating means, that we are able to GENERATE something, we have the chance to CREATE something, that has never been there before. Given an unprecedented freedom and level of global connection we are able to CREATE a new GENERATION
A generation of compassion. A generation of freedom, creative solutions, synergetic development through diversity, and much more.  
A generation that faces the so-called “mistakes” of our previous generations, acknowledging their state of consciousness and their deriving actions and becoming aware of our part of the evolution, seizing all potentiality of the moment we are currently living in.  

So when it says “Be part of the re-generation” I felt a sense of responsibility that comes with the fact of being a part of that generation already. Becoming aware of WHEN we are. And the purpose in that. 

What about you? Can you see an effect of the trauma of our previous generations in your daily life? Which opportunity do you see in being part of YOUR generation? What is chance you have - by being part of your generation - previous generations hadn’t?
How will you use that chance today? ..this year?

I would love to hear or read from you (, what experiences you made with regenerating from previous conditions and with creating a new world. Which values are most important to you? If you could magically strengthen 3 of these values in a new world, starting to exist tomorrow, just by wishing, which 3 would it be? Why?
Let’s be the change! 

Be love. Be the change.