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🇩🇪EVENT: Heart 2 Heart Workshop auf Deutsch

Achtung! Am 09.06.2018 findet ein Heart 2 Heart Mini-Workshop auf deutsch statt! 
Im Rahmen des Trommelevent-Festivals in Bad Gögging, Deutschland, gibt es eine Abendveranstaltung mit Manuel Shipwood! 
Jetzt Tickets sichern unter www.heart2heart.live !

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Heart 2 Heart™

How having authentic relationships in love and business changes everything

About the Heart 2 Heart Project™

The Heart 2 Heart Project is the core of my work and one of the most important parts of my life. 

In a world of superficiality, having true deep connections with the people we meet, creating authentic relationships, honest heartfelt communication is the key of growing together again, working together on common solutions instead of competing and fighting against each other. 

Being true to yourself and others was so fundamental to me and the path of changing the world by developing the people living in that world, that I made it my first mission.

I created the Heart 2 Heart Project™ with the workshops and coaching programs of the same name to enable people from all over the world to dive into that adventure of being truly themselves for the first time, accepting and loving who they are, how they are, accepting and loving who the person vis-a-vis is, how he/she is, being open for and loving everything that is, daring to deeply connect with each other. Experiencing a new type of connection, communication, love, intimacy, community. It changes ones love life, business life, any connection to any person in such a tremendous, purifying, loving way. 




Workshops, Coaching & More

Heart 2 Heart Workshops

Module 1: I am
Module 2: In love with myself

  • From Judgement to Acceptance
  • From Self-acceptance to Self-Love
  • Conscious Experiencing creates trust, competence, confidence

Module 3: In love with others

  • I am seen. I see
  • I am heard. I hear
  • I am felt. I feel
  • Connecting in Love
  • Working Together

Module 4: Experiencing Love

  • In Experiencing with me
  • In Experiencing with others I
  • In Experiencing with others II
  • In Experiencing with others III

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Heart 2 Heart Talks

  • Being Love: How to relate fearless and authentically
  • Heart 2 Heart: From Fear To Love

More about my talks at SPEAKING »


Heart 2 Heart Personal Coaching

Individual 1-on-1 Personal Coaching. 

  • Transformation and Development.
  • Letting go of blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • Solving challenging situations.

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Heart 2 Heart Experience

Discover yourself and others with the unique Heart 2 Heart Experience LIVE.
A magical mixture of Bodywork, Meditation, Massage and the art of true encounter. 

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The Heart 2 Heart Project addresses problems like

  • anxiety 
  • fear of failure
  • fear of loss
  • jealousy
  • competition
  • stress
  • betrayal
  • misunderstandings
  • grief & sadness
  • relationship argues
  • loneliness 
  • sexuality
  • lack of affection  

by redefining how we understand

  • relationships
  • friendships
  • family
  • community
  • colleagues 
  • work
  • leadership
  • authenticity
  • intimacy
  • empathy
  • love

with new ways and levels of

  • consciousness
  • awareness
  • love
  • communication

It is literally the most powerful change in your life. 

A way of redesigning your way of being and interacting with others.

It will have a tremendous effect on your business life, your love life, your connection to friends and family and to everyone you meet in your life!
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