Why Finding Your Purpose Is So Important (S2 E1 Aug 14, 2018)

First episode of the new Conscious Moments Podcast (S2 = "Season 2"). 

Some of you may know the old Conscious Moments Podcast which was more or less the audio version of a weekly facebook live, where we talked about awareness meditation, emotional freedom and its integration into daily life.

The NEW Conscious Moments Podcast, starting today, will have even more for you. We will also talk about how a higher level of consciousness can effect not only your spiritual life but also your relationships, your business, your job, your whole lifestyle. We will have guests on a regular basis and you will get audio versions of new articles published in blogs like “The Conscious Entrepreneur”.

So stay tuned, subscribe the podcast at iTunes or go to

..Audio quality will improve, I promise ;-) Used different equipment today, due to travelling.