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Heart 2 Heart

Learn how to establish authentic relationships and interpersonal connections. Discover your limiting beliefs about relationships, love, communication, respect, shame, guilt, obligations, power, posession, intimacy, deep connections and much more. 

Find your purpose

Learn how to rediscover your real passion and hidden talents. Identify your limiting beliefs about career, worth, money, doing what you love, hobbies, passion, jobs. Find your element and purpose! 

Conscious EntrepreneUr  

Learn how to be successful as an entrepreneur by having the right mindset and being a conscious leader. Discover your limiting beliefs about power, communication, success and selling.  Learn essential self-organisation and self-management skills in the Startup-Guide. 

Or make the leap and elevate your running business to the next level with the Accelerator-Program 


Coaching Formats

Explore the formats that suit you. Maybe you like a personal 1-on-1 coaching or rather work in a group. Maybe you are committed to develop yourself over a longer time or want fast results. Or you are interested in LIVE Workshops and Retreats. Discover which format is the best for you right now...


Conscious Business & 
Spiritual Leadership

How we change the world by changing the way we do business and the way we live and work together.

Coaching & Consulting Program
coming 2018

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Conscious Business:

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