Coaching Formats

1-to-1 Coaching

Having a fair but uncompromising sparrings partner is essential if you want to achieve new goals, overcome long lasting fears and challenges and work most effectively and disciplined on a clear action plan.

The 1-to-1 Coaching is honest, direct, uncompromising but also vitalizing, focussing, motivating and energizing. You will face your shadows and unknown challenges and will be catapulted out of your comfort zone right to where the magic of growth and development happens.



You like a combination of an online learning environment, providing a structured curriculum and the benefits of a personal coaching, but don't want to go through this amazing transformation on your own? Then the Coaching Groups are for you! You learn and get coached in a group of 3 - 12 persons. As you share the investment into your coaching with others, this approach is affordable for everyone!

Please ask for detailed information 

VIP Days – Very intensive progress 


You know that you want it. You know that you don't have a year of time but enough energy to get things fast. You know that you need your progress NOW! 

A whole day for your personal goals and challenges. Or the whole weekend, if you really mean it.

This mind bootcamp is a very exclusive rocket launching coaching format to really accelerate your development, go deep into your challenges and create quick but sustainable solutions on the spot. 

This happens after a change of scene in a beautiful and as grounding as liberating exclusive environment
You and me and enough secure space and time to dare your next big steps.


Mastermind collective

"Good Players inspire themselves, GREAT players inspire others!"

The Mastermind Collective is a synergetic peer-to-peer group of leaders and entrepreneurs who collaborate in a 1 year term to gain their success. That is success in all means and areas of business and private lives. Success in growing your business, in being an inspiring leader, in being healthy, resilient, focused and disciplined, in transforming your great ideas into even greater results. 
Use your chance to stay ahead of the game and learn from others to use your energy more effectively so you have a life again, full of meaning, love and joy. 

Please ask for detailed information 

Excellence Retreats

One week for personal excellence. Discover the best version of yourself. Become the most excellent version of who you can be. Empower and exceed yourself – expand your limits by experiencing which unknown power and potential is within you! 


This is for everyone who really want to go big and knows that he is capable of more than he is achieving now. An intense time in an exclusive environment, combining the perfect mixture of deep relaxation and intensive personal development work. 

Please ask for detailed information 

reConnect Retreats

You want to meet your inner self, change things on the inside to really get things changed on the outside. You need enough space and time to fully feel yourself and sense the momentum in which the development towards your real purpose can happen. 

My reConnect retreats offer you a wide range of opportunities to finally reconnect to your own infinite source of energy again, reconnect to nature, reconnect to your most powerful visions. This means you finally ca be fully yourself again, allowing yourself to let go of old masks and roles and empowering you to develop your full potential, to be fully in your element. 

reConnect retreats are usually 1 week of deep insight in a very special, exclusive and energetic environment. 

Please ask for detailed information