"The art of igniting a fire of exitement in a sea of fears"

Honest. Heartful. Empathetic.
Provocative. Inspiring.

Manuel Shipwood

Manuel Shipwood


When I noticed - on myself and later on my clients - which unexpected energy is set free, if you are really yourself, are fully committed on what you do, because it is just an expression of who you are, it was totally clear to me, in which terms I want to support people most:
To experience a not known joy of life, excitement, power and connection, just by being in your element, following your purpose, your personal task of your life, fulfilling it with meaning.
I like to say "I'm not working anymore" and continue answering the asking faces with "I just AM. And hence EFFECT". I want to enable people to take this beautiful and all changing perspecitve, too. It does not only change your business behaviour and successs. It also affects private life, relationships of all kind, your whole being. Give it a try!  

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare,
it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.
— L.A. Seneca


Manuel Shipwood is an international integrative Coach, Author, Speaker & Spiritual Mental Health Teacher.

All his work is dedicated to authenticity and deep connections, to yourself, between you and others, in your loving relationships, private relationships, business relationships.
This also means doing what you love, loving what you do. "Be fully yourself and change the world by whom you are!" This is why he created "The PURPOSE System™" and the "Heart 2 Heart-Program™".

He is a dedicated part of the Human Potential Movement and uses a holistic approach to address mental challenges, enabling people to achieve extraordinary results with the right mindset.

Purpose driven Entrepreneurs also benefit of his 10 year experience in corporate communications and marketing.

Background Check

Manuel is a very committed and accomplished Coach who helps business owners and leaders to realise their visions in a very supportive but uncompromising and sustainable way.

  • Long term experience in Marketing, Digital Media, Sales Management, Corporate Communication as a Manager, Projectmanager and Consultant

  • Long term business owner with insight into many Top 50 Corporations

  • Certified Integrative Business Coach

  • Certified Potential Development Trainer

  • Certified Youth Coach

  • Psychological Consultant

  • Degree in CS & Multimedia

  • Studies in Psychology


Manuel's additional activities are support of young people to discover their true talents, explore their opportunities, develop self-confidence and unfold their potentials.
Additionally he is a co-founder of creActive, a mastermind network which enables its participants to rethink established concepts of living, working, interacting, finances, business strategies, energy consumption and generation and much more.